This is one of my very first abstract paintings. I was basically toying around with effects of light and dark and layering complimentary colours. During that process I always had the painting in a portrait position. I was quite happy with the colour scheme, but the composition was a struggle. Until I turned it into a landscape position. All I had to do was put in the horizon and the painting was done.

In 2015 the painting was damaged beyond repair by a sudden stormwind during an outdoor exhibition.

The title comes from the song “Any Lethal Storm” by the American band Timesbold. The lyrics are sheer poetry.

if i was a blind man i’d
dress you all in white and
keep you in a white room
turn on the bright lights and
call you invisible, call you invincible
and i’d dream of white waves on
a very lethal shore

if i was a sick man i’d
drink your bourbon and
drift into a blizzard or
any lethal storm and
emerge all windblown
cross-eyed and clothes torn
all just to see you on
another lethal shore

if i was a strong man i’d
pull your curtains
down from the heavens, past
where the sky was born
kiss you in secret
right in your locket
and then i’d pull your house down
like some very lethal storm

if i was a storm i’d
blow past your window
and linger in spirit
all around your face
and you’d never know, dear
the force that i bring
just to make your ears ring
and keep you in a haze

if i was a bird i’d
orchestrate branches
into a chorus
only you would know
crash through your window
all just to see you
all just to meet you
on another lethal shore

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