I get my inspiration from nature, travelling, the weather and music combined with my own state of mind. Mostly I let the painting process guide me. There is never an exact plan and the outcome is always a surprise to me too.

Herold Boertjens

Since 2008 I have been concentrating on making abstract art. I use acrylic paint and various mediums. My objective is to create exciting and inviting images which are far from realistic, but do stimulate the viewers fantasy. I enjoy the freedom and boundless possibilities of abstractionism.

Through this website I hope to give you a good idea of my art and the proces of creating it.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please do contact me. I am willing to do commissioned work based on your input for subject, size, colours and style. I also love to do CD cover artwork based on any style of music. Commissioned work never results in any purchase obligations.

Herold Boertjens, abstractionist

Herold Boertjens

born: 1968 Velp, The Netherlands.

Herold Boertjens, abstractionist


Freedom in painting for me is also about the freedom in using materials and tools. I love to use synthetic brushes, but I use sponges, cloth and palet knives even more. I build my paintings up in many layers, making use of translucent and more opaque pigments.

Working with mediums

I love combining various mediums with acrylic paint and ink. I use modelling pastes, gels, pouring mediums, flow release and anything else I can get my hands on. Experimenting with materials, techniques and pigments is a great joy for me. It can be a messy process at times.


I use airbrush to create light and shading effects. Working with spraypaint or ink on a heavily structured surface can create spectacular effects.


Since 2018 I have been involved in a new museum for contemporary art in Amersfoort, The Netherlands called Musiom. I am one of the initiators and chair of the board. Hope to see you there one day. Go to for more information.

Kunst in Loenen (Art in Loenen)

I am a member of the art collective: Kunst in Loenen. Several artists from my current home town have joined to exhibit their various art forms. We organise a yearly art route along the art galleries and studio’s. This is held at the first weekend of July.

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