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Here I write about what inspired me to make a certain painting or I explain the process of making one.

Not just technical issues

This is the first painting in which I applied stainless steel foil (0,05mm. thick). I made this painting during a period of health issues in which I had to go through surgery twice. It deals with both the technical, mechanical side of the surgical interventions and...

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Daybreak after a sleepless night

I got my inspiration for this painting from the fantastic song Somniloquist by the British band Messenger. It represents the feeling you can get by staring straight into the rising sun after a sleepless night.   Messenger – Somniloquist Lyrics There’s a far away place...

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If I was a storm

This is one of my very first abstract paintings. I was basically toying around with effects of light and dark and layering complimentary colours. During that process I always had the painting in a portrait position. I was quite happy with the colour scheme, but the...

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Shattered dreams

First I made a whole bunch of cardboard and foamboard strips. I applied these to the canvas with a generous amount of gel medium. When that was dry I coverd everything in gesso and made some fine structures using pouring medium. Then I put the canvas flat on the floor...

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For the basic composition of this painting used pouring medium with a dark purple paint and pored it onto the flat surface. Then I swirled it around, creating some 'striped' textures. Then I made a foam of water, flow release, GAC100 and several colours of acrylic ink...

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Surrounded yet alone

This painting was inspired by the magnificent song ‘Shehada’ by Quiet Child. The song is about someone who survived a mass execution. Not a light theme to work with. The title of the painting is derived from the lyrics. I used acrylic paint, acrylic liquid paint,...

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